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Welcome to MeetApps

No more missed meetings, hassle to join, and overlapped appointments.

No more hunting for meeting links in your calendar! MeetApps finds all meetings on your Google Calendar and presents them to you as a list. It’s the most effective way to quickly join or organize a meeting

Welcome to MeetApps

Elevate your video call meetings
to stay on top of efficiency

Instant invite recognition

Don`t struggle with deciphering event invites again as MeetApps works to recognize.

Quick Joining Links

MeetApps notifies you to get ready for the next scheduled meeting or join early to stay on top of the discipline.

Start Meeting Automatically

MeetApps can start the meetings a few minutes before the start time so that you don’t run late to an important one.

How MeetApps Works

Elevate your video call meetings
to stay on top of efficiency

Save you time by fast extraction of meeting links

Removes distractions like pre-video meeting hustles

Keeps you updated with a quick overview of your events

Expands your productivity spans with a user-friendly extension

Stay alert with an in-browser mini badge for meetings.

Here is how it works

How MeetApps Works
Insider uses MeetApps

Who uses this?

MeetApps is being used by marketers, IT professionals and students. Here are some of our users at notable companies

How can I get started with it?

Here is a simple process to begin;

Welcome to MeetApps

Your virtual meetings have never been that easier as these features are provided with MeetApps

Secure and safe

MeetApps runs safely in your browser protecting your data as the first priority.

Instant Integration, Zero Hassle

The frustration of finding the right meeting link in your invites is a real mess when it comes to efficient video-call meetings.

No switching of platforms

Bid farewell to switching platforms repeatedly for different business meetings scheduled on different video call apps.

Apps supported by MeetApps

Whether you have been a regular user of Google Meet or a big fan of Zoom meetings- it has all covered for you in one platform. For freelancers, CEOs, leaders, and whatever kind of virtual meeting you require.

Get most of your favorite apps now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MeetApps free of cost?

Yes, MeetApps Google Calendar Integration is free to use. No charges apply to early birds ever.

How can I get started with it?

Download the extension and simply sign up with Google

Will my data remain protected if I use it?

Yes, MeetApps makes your computer talk to Google Calendar directly, without involving any third party.

Do I need to pin this extension?

For this extension to be functional, it is advised to pin this in your browser for the perfect experience.

How many platforms MeetApps is supporting?

MeetApps supports all your go-to apps for video call sessions. Google meet, Microsoft teams, Zoom, Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting, Amazon Chime, Blue Jeans.

Can I check my schedule from this extension?

You can keep your schedule at a glance from this extension or directly from your Google calendar. Time to upcoming meeting

Will I be notified before a meeting starts?

Yes, a notification before automating a meeting pops up. The notification can be customized to appear in different time frames such as 5 minutes before meeting.

How it simplifies the process of joining meetings?

You don`t need to inspect every meeting invite to search and sort out video call links. MeetApps is here to extract, organize and automate the meeting itself.

Can I get direct meetings from Zoom or Microsoft Teams?

No, for now, MeetApps scans meetings from google calendar only. However, it recognizes, organizes, and notifies for every Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting in your upcoming meetings from your Google Calendar.

Feeling tired of scheduling your business meetings? Try this frustration-free extension.

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